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23Years Old - Lusts: Kinky Fun
Seeking: a Male| Group: 21-40

Sweet as Honey AND Cool as Kool-Aid
I am the unquenchable Fire, The center of all energy, The stout heroic heart. I am truth and light, I hold power and glory in my sway. My presence Disperses dark clouds To tame the Fates. I am the Dragon. Dragons are often found making fools of themselves

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24Years Old - Lusts: Dating
Seeking: a Male| Group: 18-24

Playboy Bunny LQQking Mr Right
I live in New York City and I looooove SEX! I love to give head fuck suck, and be licked nice and hard!

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22Years Old - Lusts: Hot Now
Seeking: a Female| Group: 18-50

" im sweet as an angel yet can be dad and nasty as an angel..." come check them out and rate my beautiful tits :)))good girl gone wild , come and see what is all the fuss about :

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24Years Old - Lusts: Dating
Seeking: a Male| Group: 18-39

can i have ur attention
One kiss from me and you'll be hooked. I do it like there's no tomorrow. I very much love deep, meaningful, passionate kisses and anything that happens after that.

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23Years Old - Lusts: Secret Desires
Seeking: a Male| Group: 29-60

hi guys! nice to meet you!
I am 5'5 of height. I'm the nicest, sweetest person you'll ever meet. I like doing nice things for people when i can to help them out and cheer them up. I hate seeing people upset and mad, life's too short for that! I like trying new things, it makes life

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25Years Old - Lusts: Dating
Seeking: a Male| Group: 20-30

I only look sweet and innocent :o)
Anything you wanna know anout me just ask...I love to talk and meet new people...I don't lie and hate to be lied to...between work and school I don't have alot of spare time, but I would like to find someone to go out to dinner with and have a good time!

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23Years Old - Lusts: Kinky Fun
Seeking: a Male| Group: 18-39

im here looking new people
i have brown hair, but maybe u will see me like black or dark hair too;) I like 2 experiment. So when u find me one day like pink hair dont be surprised;)My eyes are blue , not dark how it sometimes looks like:o)lol ... L

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25Years Old - Lusts: Hot Now
Seeking: a Male| Group: 25-45

Luscious... take a bite please
A very creative and sensual woman be it in the bedroom or out of it. I am single, well, I was engaged a few weeks ago. Anyway, I am a woman who is very open minded and these days I would not mind to be loose for fun

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24Years Old - Lusts: Party Sex
Seeking: a Male| Group: 18-39

All is well!
I am aware of my faults and because of this, I do as much as I can to make up for it. I usually do it with my tongue. My tongue never fails to please. ;))

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24Years Old - Lusts: Hot Now
Seeking: a Male| Group: 24-60

craving a warm body
I think I'll lose my mind if I spend another day without sex. Just tell me when and where, I'll be there asap!

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23Years Old - Lusts: Party Sex
Seeking: a Male| Group: 18-60

just looking
I am an ambitious person, with lots of motivation, and rarely sits still for long! I am very sociable, and like to think I can fit into any social situation.I love to talk! (Maybe a little too much sometimes!)I love traveling and exploring different cultu

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25Years Old - Lusts: Hot Now
Seeking: a Male| Group: 21-45

Love being single
I am single and loving it. If there's one thing I enjoy, it's being in control of my life and not having anyone to answer to. Having sexual encounters with a new man is very exciting. I guess it's the anticipation of what that person is going to do or be

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24Years Old - Lusts: Kinky Fun
Seeking: a Female| Group: 18-35

Bisexual Female Seeking Fun...And Maybe More
Hi Im a College Female from Columbus Ohio. Im 5'6 and weigh just about 105lbs. I have long Red Hair and Beautiful Brown Eyes. I love to go out to parties, hang out with my friends, watch movies and all that other great stuff college kids do.

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25Years Old - Lusts: Party Sex
Seeking: a Female| Group: 18-99

be with me...
I was just browsing thru and said to myself..'why not try

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25Years Old - Lusts: Dating
Seeking: a Male| Group: 25-35

keep me hot
Hi! My name is Julia. My interests brought me here in Cali, just the usual stuff like boys, rave parties and modeling career. But in the end I just got married. It was a spur of the moment thing actually and here I am dissatisfied with my man. It's like I

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24Years Old - Lusts: Dating
Seeking: a Male| Group: 18-39

Fun Blonde seeking you
I like a man who has a nice dick. It doesn't have to be huge or anything like that. Just average or above and not gross. Guys who take care of themselves down there will get rewarded. Leave me a way to reach you so we can chat directly.

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